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Five Fun Things to Do while Taking Your Dog Hiking

Summer Is Here and it's Time to Take a Hike! Great Doggy Fun Tips from Guest Blogger Scott Moses of LiveOnceLiveWild For dog lovers, there is nothing quite so satisfying as watching your dog running up and down a trail through your local state park after a long week of being stuck inside while you are out at work. For those of us who have long jobs, and long commutes to those jobs, we probably live with a little bit of a guilty conscience when we come every evening to see our dogs laying in boredom on the living room couch. The ...
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Dog Summer Safety Tips

Oh, how we love the dog days of Summer. Whether it be lazy days in the sun or a day outdoors near the lake, it's important to remember Safety First for our four-legged friends. Many folks with dogs love to take their pooches out to sea in the summer. With warmer weather and easier sailing, it’s not so unusual to see a furry four-footer playing the role of skipper! However, there are plenty of safety considerations to take into account before bringing your pup on board. According to Dogman Mark, all dogs should be equipped with a dog life jacket, as rough ...
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Service Dogs Trained Right Make a Big Difference

The phrase “Man’s Best Friend” takes on a new meaning when you think of a service dog. In fact, a properly trained service dog will lay down its life for its owner. It knows that its primary focus is to care for the specific needs of its owner. So finding the right dog trainer is critical. “It’s essential to train a service dog to the individual needs of the person,” according to Mark Castillero, owner of Pro-Train Innovative Dog Training and author of More than a Dog Whisperer. Mark’s customized approach has earned him the title Dogman Mark and this ...
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The Green Dog Owner: An Earth Day Reminder from Dogman Mark

In honor of Earth Day, we have some great info to help you become a Green Dog Owner. You can reduce your dog's "carbon paw-prints" starting today! The infographic below shows 14 ways you can become a more environmentally friendly dog owner today! Mark Castillero (a.k.a Dogman Mark) teaches positive Go Green dog owner tips in his dog training business and speaking events. Whether it's the supplies you buy for your dog or how your scoop the poop...there are many ways to make a positive change to help Mother Earth.   ...
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22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

Do you love having dogs at home? If yes, you are in luck. Dogs are not only the best companion ever; they also provide health benefits to their owners. The next time you think about dogs, you don’t just consider them as best friends but also your fitness buddies. In many ways, dogs help humans live a healthier and more active lifestyle. It is because of your dogs that you get out of your house more often. You need to walk them to the park or play with them. It is also because of them that you become more emotionally ...
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