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Many people yearn to become dog trainers but don’t have a clue as to what it really entails. Some are looking to change careers, to do something they find more rewarding. Fear is a strong barrier to change, but this book will help you overcome that uneasiness, so you will have the confidence to set out on your own dog-training venture. More Than A Dog Whisperer will explore all the particulars of the industry so you can then make an educated decision to enroll in dog-training school.

Working with animals is a true gift to all who have the opportunity. If you’re passionate about dogs and their relationships with humans, patient and comfortable working on your own as well as with dog owners, and interested in continual self education and betterment, then this book is for you! Mark Dogman Castillero will help you launch and direct your career by providing insightful advice gained through forty years of experience in working as a dog trainer.


  • Launch and direct your career as a dog trainer.
  • Take the leap of doggy faith, so you can finally break the cycle of yearning to do what you love.
  • Overcome the fear of leaving your secure job to do something you love instead.
  • The power of investing in your passion and how it can lead to a most successful, fulfilling living.

This book provides wisdom and insights that will answer questions such as:

  • What are the demands and hours of a dog training job?
  • Should I work for myself or someone else?
  • How do I start my own dog-training business?
  • What areas of dog training do I feel my interests and talents are best suited for?



Have you ever dreamt of working as a dog trainer? This insider’s look into the life of a canine teacher offers guidance and how-to tips for launching your career.

  • Dog Training 101: The various types of dog training you should familiarize yourself with.
  • Working with man’s best friend is a transformational, rewarding, and primal experience.
    Castillero shares his dogman wisdom on the magic of dog training.
  • The first steps of becoming a dog trainer: Each journey into dog training is unique. Castillero introduces several different avenues so you can choose the best one for you.
  • Working as a dog trainer isn’t all fun and games; it’s also a business. Castillero walks you through the basics of the technical and logistical aspects of the business, such as marketing, advertising, accounting, and contracts.
  • Evaluation is key. First, you must attain a good read on the dog, then do the same in regard to the owner. Interacting with pups has its own challenges, but interactions with their humans can be the challenging part of the job. Set yourself up for success by engaging in a very important initial consultation.
  • Developing your own business is no easy feat. Learn the things you need to do to ensure stability and continual growth.
  • In the realm of professions that work with animals, safety is key. Protect yourself — as well as the dogs, your clients, and employees — with these important tips.